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EP36: Nandan Nilekani's Digital Wisdom + Digital Malawi + Digital ID & Refugees - UNHCR & UNOCHA

EP36: Nandan Nilekani's Digital Wisdom + Digital Malawi + Digital ID & Refugees - UNHCR & UNOCHA

Broadcast Live: Dec 7, 2022 This LiveCast was an exciting exploration of topical issues with an exceptional lineup featuring visionaries, thought leaders and senior decision makers in identity. On the agenda: 00:00 Introduction : Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman, ID4Africa 07:58 S1: To-The-Point: Nandan Nilekani, the Father of Aadhaar & Digital India, and Dr. Joseph Atick, the key figure in the ID4D Movement discuss how lessons learned from Aadhaar and the India Stack can help accelerate Africa’s identity development. 1:03:19: S2: i-On-Malawi: The team leading the digital transformation effort in Malawi shares lessons learned from the country’s journey from zero to total coverage of the adult population and its continued development of digital identity. In this segment we have: 1:04:11 - Colleen Zamba, Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Malawi 1:22:06 - Mphatso Sambo, Principal Secretary, National Registration Bureau (NRB), Malawi 1:42:47 - Daud Suleman, Director General, MACRA (Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority) 2:04:25 - Thelma Saiwa, from the Reserve Bank of Malawi and ID4Africa Deputy Ambassador 2:14:11 - Daniel Ikuenobe, Country Director; and Pedro Pagalday, Head of Technology, both of Tony Blair Institute, Malawi 2:29:55 S3: Digital Identity & Humanitarian Action: The UNHCR and UNOCHA share how data centric practices and digital identity are enabling UN agencies and host country governments to better protect, empower and include refugees. In this segment we have: 2:30:30 - Andrew Hopkins, Chief, Identity Management and Registration Section, UNHCR 2:48:43 - Andrej Verity, Program Management Officer & Digital Services Team lead, UNOCHA, and Zoey Zhang, former Researcher at UNOCHA Additional resources: Supplement to the interview with the Principal Secretary of the NRB, Malawi, Mphatso Sambo: Digital ID report by Andrej Verity & Zoey Zang: #aadhaar #digitalindia #malawi #digitaltransformation #digitalidentity
EP35:  FORGED, NIST, Face Recognition, Contactless Fingerprints, Consumer Identity Management & ID4D

EP35: FORGED, NIST, Face Recognition, Contactless Fingerprints, Consumer Identity Management & ID4D

Broadcast: 19 Oct 2022 Following a highly acclaimed LiveCast EP34 which aired on Sept 28, today's LiveCast EP35 was another MAJOR HIT filled with powerful and original topics, not covered anywhere else! 00:00 Introduction 10:16 To-The-Point: A gripping interview between Dr. Joseph Atick and Lauren Anders Brown, the Co-Director of the exceptional documentary "FORGED". Both supporters as well as those who oppose identity systems should watch the film in its 85-minutes entirety as it provides one of the most powerful testimonies for why identity for all matters. Without intending to, it bears a cautionary tale for all of us about taking identity for granted.   To watch the full FORGED full feature, visit & Support here: To support the work being done in Syria, donate to the Art Installation Campaign: 36:58 A content-rich Keynote on the state of the art of Face Recognition Technology (FRT) and its suitability for ID4D applications, from the most credible source—NIST. 1:21:20 A discussion on the readiness of contactless fingerprints (or finger-selfies) for ID4D applications with technical experts from Tech 5 and Integrated Biometrics. 2:00:03 A spotlight presentation from the expert leading the certification efforts on contactless fingerpints, again from NIST. 2:24:20 A look at the off-the-shelf digital identity platforms Microsoft has been building for identity management that could possibly support government service delivery. 2:52:17 A look at Mastercard's platform called Community Pass which aims to build a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy for all. Speakers/Panelists of this episode are: Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Executive Director, ID4Africa and LiveCast Host Lauren Anders Brown - Documentary Film Director & Co-Director of "FORGED" Patrick Grother, Head of Biometric Evaluation Division, NIST Rahul Parthe, Chairman, Co-Founder, and CTO, TECH5 Tom Buss, Executive Vice President, Integrated Biometrics Shahram Orandi, Computer Scientist, NIST Colleen Elliott, Digital ID Strategy Lead, Microsoft Andro Koutsoudis, VP, Global Product Management, Identity & Data Lead, Mastercard
ID4Africa 2022: The Solutions Forum

ID4Africa 2022: The Solutions Forum

This session rounds up tried-and-true solutions that are responding to national ID needs worldwide as countries enter their digital transformation journeys. It looks at lessons learned and case studies spanning digital identity use cases, available solutions for scalability and meeting expectations for integration of multiple platforms, ways to future-proof government investment in digital identity as a foundation of public infrastructure, and more. The presentations shared are as follows: Morocco’s National Digital ID Scheme Goes Live Ismail CHRAIBI, General Manager (Morocco) & Regional Director, Public Security and Identity Business, North Africa, Idemia; & Mouhcine YEJJOU, Director, Morocco eID Project, General Directorate for National Security (DGSN), Morocco Foundational Identity: A prerequisite to Digital ID Charlotte CHATEAU, Sales Manager, Identity & Biometric Solutions, Thales Citizen Identity Transforming Public Service Delivery Joby MATHEW, Director Sales, Africa & Middle East, HID Global Leveraging Identity to Promote African Integration: Facilitating intra-trade and movement of persons Herculs BIZURE, Associate Director, Technology Consulting, Ernst and Young Identity as the End Game? Jerome COULON, Vice President, Sales, Zetes Protecting the Credibility of Elections Vladimir KOSTIVIAR, Business Consultant, Innovatrics The Potential of Physical IDs and their Digital Usability Marcin ZAKRZEWSKI, Senior Product Manager, ID Documents, Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)