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EP46: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Development: The good, bad & undefined

EP46: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Development: The good, bad & undefined

*Broadcast on: November 15, 2023* Don't miss this original and exceptional LiveCast where 10 of our Community's most brilliant minds engaged in a dynamic multi-segment exploration of AI's impact on ID4D and development, offering insights into the benefits, drawbacks, and uncharted frontiers. Voted as one of our best episodes to date, this event is worth rewatching from End to End by every identity stakeholder! On the agenda: 00:00 Introduction: Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman, ID4Africa 13:13 Segment 1 Pt 1 - Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI for Capacity Building in the ID Solution Domain with Parankusha Seshadri (Ernst & Young) 46:56 Pt 2 - Developing Identity-knowledge Chatbots & Expert Systems with Benjamin Bertelsen (UNDP) 1:04:18 Pt 3 - The Promise & Pitfalls of LLMs Integration into Digital Identity Systems with Prof. Carsten Maple (Turing Institute & University of Warwick) 1:18:05 Segment 2 Pt 1 - How AI and Deep Learning Revolutionized Biometric Algorithms with Dr. Stephane Gentric (IDEMIA) 1:47:02 Pt 2 - Liveness and Anti-spoofing Measures in Biometric Identity Systems with Prof. Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson University) 2:03:26 Pt 3 - Holistic Strategies for Building Identity Systems Resilient to Fraud and AI Manipulation with Frances Zelazny (Anonybit) 2:16:38 Segment 3 Pt 1 - Towards an Equitable & Ethical Use of AI in Africa with Dr. Melissa Omino & Dr. Angeline Wairegi (Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT)) 2:48:29 Pt 2 - Governance & Risk Mitigation for Deployment of AI in the Context of Development with Govind Shivkumar (Omidyar Network) Other Useful Resources from this LiveCast: 1. Call for Speakers on Digital Identity & Health: 2. Links shared by Dr. Sephanie Schuckers - Clarkson University: