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EP38: Digital ID & Social Protection incl i-On-Sierra Leone

EP38: Digital ID & Social Protection incl i-On-Sierra Leone

Broadcast Live: March 22, 2023 This LiveCast covers a theme of major relevance - Digital Identity in the service of Social Protection and Humanitarian Aid. In 4 exciting segments, we explore tools & capabilities that can facilitate social protection service delivery, mitigate privacy risks, and achieve deeper inclusion for difficult to reach populations. On the agenda: 00:00 Introduction: Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman, ID4Africa 16:44 S1: i-On-Sierra Leone: We spotlight Sierra Leone's journey towards developing their digital identity program to support inclusive public service delivery - including financial inclusion, access to education and health for all. Featured speakers include: 18:17 Mohamed Massaquoi, Director General, National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) 29:00 Jusufu Swaray, Director of Database and Voter Roll Management, Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) & Daniel Kaitibi, Director General, National Telecommunications Authority (NaTCA) 1:02:05 Mohamed Jalloh, Director of Communications and E-Government Services, Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) & Michala Mackay, Director, Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) 1:21:37 Philip Bangura, Deputy Director, Banking Supervision, Bank of Sierra Leone & Jeneba Bangura, Deputy Commissioner General, National Revenue Authority (NRA) 1:55:10 S2: Digital Identity: Serving Communities, Building Resilience. More about the emerging Humanitarian Digital Stack with Lionel Baraban, CEO & Andréa Muller, Product Manager, Famoco 2:15:44 S3: Decentralized Identity: Solutions for Humanitarian Aid + DIGID: Dignified Identities in Cash Assistance with Heloise De-Tassigny, Business Lead, Gravity & Priyanka Patel, Innovation Manager & Team Lead, Kenya Red Cross Society 2:49:05 S4: Last Mile Solutions: Reaching the Underserved & Unbanked with Gabriel Ruhan, CEO, Paycode Additional resources: 2023 AGM Program (Workshops):