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Johannesburg, South Africa | 18-20 June
DAY 1 - DAY 2 - DAY 3



PS1: Reports From The Identity Authorities

PS2: Reports From 

The International Agencies

PS3: Reports From 

The Systems Integrators

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Dr. Vera SONGWE, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)


The UN Legal Identity Agenda
UN LIEG Represented by Cornelius WILLIAMS, Associate Director and Global Chief of Child Protection, UNICEF


The Transformational Potential of Identification for Development (ID4D) in Africa 
Vyjayanti DESAI, Program Manager, ID4D, The World Bank

Refugees and Digital Identity in Africa: New opportunities and challenges

Andrew HOPKINS, Chief, Identity Management & Registration Section, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

A Future-Fit Model for the DHA for the Modernization of Service Delivery
Thulani MAVUSO, Acting Director General, Department of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, South Africa 


Kenya’s National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) and the Huduma Namba
Robert MUGO, Director, Shared Services, Ministry of Information Communications and Technology, Kenya


Digital Identity: The cornerstone to effective service delivery
Aliyu AZIZ, Director General /CEO, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria 


De la Maitrise de l’identité juridique en Afrique a la résolution des problèmes de l’identification à travers le Registre National des Personnes Physiques : le cas de la Côte d’ivoire

Konaté DIAKALIDIA, Director General, National Identification Office (ONI), Côte d’Ivoire 


Reforming Identity Management Practices in Rwanda
Josephine MUKESHA, Director General, National Identification Agency (NIDA), Rwanda 

Digitalization of a National ID Infrastructure

Cedric HUET, Vice President, Sales, Africa Digital ID, Public Sector and Identity BU, IDEMIA


Beyond Identity: The enhancement of public services to citizens

Jérôme COULON, Regional Director, South & East Africa, Zetes


Open and Citizen-Centric: A New Model for Developing and Growing Identity Ecosystems

Anthony GOLLEDGE, Head, Business Solutions, De La Rue


Digital Service Delivery Platform for African Nations

Thampy KOSHY, Senior Partner, Ernst & Young


Staying Ahead of Risk

Rakesh KAUL, Government & Public Sector Lead, PwC India


Identity Data in Motion: Advance Passenger Information (API) Demystified

Emad MUHANNA, Vice President, Government Sector, SITA

Day 1



InF1: Civil Registration

InF2: Identity-Linked Services

InF3: Advanced Secure Credentials

InF4: Migration & Borders Part I

InF5: Civil Identification

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South Africa’s Progress in Civil Registration

Risenga MALULEKE, Statistician-General, Statistics South Africa


Legal Identity and Civil Registration in Context of Identity Life Cycle Management

Kristen WENZ, Technical Focal Point, UN Legal Identity Experts’ Group and Global Lead for Legal Identity, UNICEF


Modernisation du système d’état civil au Mali

Sibiri Philippe BERTHÉ, Deputy Director, Civil Status Data Processing Center (CTDEC), Mali

Michel CHAJES, Civil and Voter Registration Specialist, CIVIPOL, Mali


Au-delà de l’identité : un écosystème pour la fourniture de services publics de qualité

Dr. Extase AKPOTSUI, Project Manager and Solutions Architect, Zetes

Digital Initiatives: Role of the private sector in amplifying identity-linked services

Shashi RAGHUNANDAN, Senior Vice President, Mastercard


ID and Service Delivery : Emerging Evidence and Lessons from India

Anit MUKHERJEE, Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development


Driving Inclusion Through Identity-Linked Services in Peru

Ing. Luis Alberto BULLÓN SALAZAR, Former General Manager, RENIEC


Building Inclusive Ecosystems Aligned with FATF Recommendations

Barry COOPER, Technical Director, Center for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (CENFRI)

Comprehensive Solutions for Biometric Identity Documents (ePassports, eIDs, bioID System)

Piotr MACHADO, Manager, International Sales, PWPW


State-of-the-Art Color Personalization Technologies for Polycarbonate IDs

Dr. Aweke LEMMA, Director, Business Development, Veridos


Can I Use Just Any Chip in My Electronic Passport?

Nicolas JAOUEN, Business Development Manager, Infineon Technologies


La Modernisation du service public en Algérie

Prof. Abderrazak HENNI, Director General, Modernization of Documents & Archives, Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Spatial Planning, Algeria

Augmented Borders: A holistic approach to passport-less, person-centric and risk-based border control solutions

Emmanuel WANG, VP, Border Control Business Line, IDEMIA


Rwanda’s Experience with Enhancing Facilitation and Security at its Borders

Richard MUGISHA, Head, eServices, Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE),  



How Technology Can Support Governments in Facilitating Free Movement of People

Celine GOUVEIA, Vice President, African Government Programs, IN Groupe


Zambia’s Initiatives in the Use of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in Facilitating Movement of People

Denny LUNGU, Director General of Immigration, The Department of Immigration, Zambia

A Look at the Benin eID Experience

Serge ADJOVI, Director General, Agency for the Digital Development, Presidency of the Republic of Benin


Civil Identification & Harmonization

Gregory MAGNASCO, Marketing Director, Africa, Digital Identity, Government BU, Gemalto


End-to-End Identity Management: The Mauritius case study

William AYELOU, Registrar of Civil Status, Civil Status Division, Office of the Prime Minister, Mauritius


Challenges for Identification System Development in Post-Conflict Areas: Somalia as a case study

Dr. Hassan MAHADALLAH, Program Coordinator, Somali National ID Program

Day 2

InF6: From Identity to Financial Inclusion

InF7: Advances In Biometrics & Mobility

InF8: Migration & Borders Part II

InF9: Enabling Frameworks

InF10: Scaling The Inclusive Ecosystems

Leveraging Mobile to Accelerate Digital Identity Ecosystems: Considerations for policymakers in Africa

Yiannis THEODOROU, Director, Policy & Advocacy, Digital Identity & Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation, GSMA


Développement du haut débit, facteur clé de l’inclusion numérique

Coulibaly NAMONGO, Director, Technical Department, Directorate of Personal Data Protection, ARTCI, Côte d’Ivoire


Inclusive Digital Service Design and the Role of APIs: Creating impact at scale

Lesley-Ann VAUGHAN, Co-Creator, M-PESA


Boosting Financial Inclusion through Innovations in Digital Identity

Raliat SUNMONU, Senior Director, Africa Program Management, Global Advisory Solutions, Accion

Building Trust in ID Systems

James NEUMANN, Senior ICT Counsel, The World Bank


The Legal Empowerment Approach to Inclusive ID

Laura GOODWIN, Program Director, Citizenship, Namati

Yussuf BASHIR, Executive Director, Haki na Sheria, Kenya


Identity and Electronic/Digital Government

Melanie TJIJENDA, Director, Quality Assurance, Standards, Skills Development and Coordination, and Project Manager for eGovernance, Department of Public Service IT Management, Office of the Prime Minister, Namibia


A Framework for High Integrity Identity Programmes

Maeson MAHERRY, Co-founder & Solutions Director, LAWtrust

Benefits of Biometrics for Border Control

Alexandre CASCHETTA, Sales Director, Border & Travel, Road Safety Solutions, Government BU, Africa, Gemalto


Streamlining the Passenger Journey with Multi-Factor Biometrics

Donal GREENE, Regional Manager, EMEA, Innovatrics


Robust Traveler Identification Management for Streamlined Border Control

Ademola OLADELE, Regional Officer, Aviation Security and Facilitation, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


How Advanced Identification Technologies are Transforming the Border Experience in Africa

Joby MATHEW, Sales Director, Middle East, Africa & South Asia, Government ID Solutions, HID Global

Secure, Ubiquitous and Efficient Identity Solutions in 21st Century Nigeria

Tunji DURODOLA, Technical Consultant,  National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria


Towards Mobile Government

Julien VINTROU, Marketing Manager, Secure Identity, NXP Semiconductors


Mobile Identification is not Just about Mobile Devices

Robert GARRIGAN, Vice President, Sales, Credence ID


Multimodal Biometrics and Mobility

Graham SAUNDERS, Chief Technology Officer, NEC Africa

Financial Inclusion Triangle: Harnessing the gains

Archie HESSE, CEO, Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement Systems (GhIPSS)


The Multiplier Effect of Digital ID and Financial Inclusion in Lesotho

Tumelo RABOLETSI, Director, National Identity and Civil Registry Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Lesotho


The Promise and Challenges of Inclusive Fintech in Developing Economies

Rajesh BANSAL, Regional Director, BFA Global, ex-UIDAI and IndiaStack Architect


Democratising Finance

Gerhard VAN DEVENTER, Senior Fintech Analyst, South African Reserve Bank

InF11: Interoperability, Standards & Scalability

InF12: ID & Democracy Part I

InF14: Beyond Financial Inclusion

InF15: Infant Biometrics

InF16: ID & Democracy Part II

Identité numérique pour un système de santé inclusif : l’expérience sénégalaise

Mouhamed Mahi SY, Chief Information Officer, Agency for Universal Healthcare Coverage, Senegal


Emerging Applications of ID in Health, Agriculture, and Education

Julia CLARK, Program Officer, The World Bank


An Agriculture Use Case for ID

Amha MOGUS, Director, User Experience, Mastercard Labs for Financial Inclusion, Mastercard


Digital Identity in Tanzania  

Juliet KILUWA, Digital Finance Advisor, Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT)

Numéro d’identifiant personnel au Gabon dans le cadre du registre électoral

Aime Martial MASSAMBA, Deputy Project Director, Official Biometric Identity Project of Gabon (IBOGA)


Why Foundational ID Generated Voter Rolls Make Common Sense
J. Tiah NAGBE, Executive Director, National Identification Registry, Liberia 


Can the Legal Framework in Tallying and Transmission of Result Substitute Trust? A case study of Kenya
Immaculate KASSAIT, Director, Voter Education & Partnerships, Independent
Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Kenya 


Authenticity and Accuracy in Election Administration: Assessing the role of voter ID and technology 
Henry ATEM OBEN, Executive Director, U.S. International Center for Electoral Support

Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Anil K. JAIN, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Michigan State University (MSU)  


Infant-Prints: Fingerprint recognition of infants

Joshua ENGELSMA, PhD Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Michigan State University (MSU)


Biometric Recognition of Children

Yaseen MOOLLA, Senior Biometrics Researcher, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa


“KidPrint”: Biometrics for everyone

Eliah ARONOFF-SPENCER, MD, PhD, University of San Diego


Infant Biometrics for Unique Identification: Field Activities 2018-2019

Paul MACHARIA, Data Manager, Ministry of Health, Kenya


Infant Biometric Identity: A mobile deep learning approach

Barbara IYAYI, Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director, Africa, Element

Building Trust in the Electoral Process Through Robust Identity Management: South Africa’s experience

Sy MAMABOLO, Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral Commission of South Africa


Enhancement of the Accreditation System for Voting Process in Nigeria

Chidi NWAFOR, Director Compliance, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigeria


Using ICT in Election Management: A case study of Namibia

Milton LOUW, Technical Advisor, Electoral Commission of Namibia


More Effective Voter Engagement Through Intelligent Election Solutions

Sean ZHENG, CEO, Emperor Technology

A Tale of Two IDs: Interoperability, scalability and standards

Christophe MALGORN, Segment Director, Secure Issuance Business, HID Global


Biometrics as a Service (Baas): An economical approach to customer identification - An African healthcare case study

David BENINI, Vice President, Marketing & Product, Aware


An African Standard for a Global BioMetric ID

Hof RETIEF, Chief of Operations, BioRugged


Digital Identity as an Enabler of Interoperability among African Governments

Chimezie EMEWULU, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Seamfix Limited



PS4: Disruptive Innovations

Technical Developments and Innovation: The perspective of of the Dutch Identity Authority

Rhodia MAAS, Director, National Office for Identity Data, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, The Netherlands


The Two Sides of Digital Inclusion

Bart SUICHIES, Head, Digital Software, SICPA


The MOSIP Approach to Foundational Identity

Sanjay JAIN, Chairman, Technology Committee, MOSIP


The Open API Initiative: Solving the problem of vendor lock-in

Debora COMPARIN, Chair, IDforAll Working Group, Secure Identity Alliance (SIA)


The Identity of People, Places and Things

Daniel BACHENHEIMER, Principal Director, Accenture


A Blockchain Identity

Keith SONNET, Chief Executive, Computer Aid International

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Day 3
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