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Kigali, Rwanda | 24-26 May
DAY 1   -   DAY 2



Session 1: The National Identity Authorities

Session 2: The International Development Agencies

Session 3: The Solution Providers

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Vyjayanti Desai, Program Manager, ID4D Initiative, The World Bank
– The World Bank’s ID4D Initiative: Efforts to Date and Future Directions


Nadine Poupart, Program Manager, Division of Health and Social Protection, Agence française de Développement (AfD)
– Identification as a Cornerstone in the Development Agenda: the AFD Perspective 


Lisa Ferguson, Senior Legal Officer, Economic Affairs Department, African Union Commission
– Right to Nationality and its Implications for Inclusive ID Systems in Africa


Samatar Omar Elmi, Senior ICT Officer, African Development Bank
– Developing Identification Management Systems: The Vision of the African Development Bank 


Dr Anthony Luka Elumelu, Head of Division of Free Movement & Migration, ECOWAS Commission
– ECOWAS Interoperable Biometric ID Card: A Vision for Regional Identity Integration

Pascal Nyamulinda, Director General, National Identification Agency, Rwanda

– Rwanda’s Future Vision and Roadmap for Integrating Civil Registration with Identity

Aliyu Abubakar Aziz, Director General/CEO, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria

– Digital Identity, the Promise for Nigeria


SY Abdoul, Director of Human Resources, Ministry of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs (MDAC), Mali

– Mali’s Civil Registration and Biometric Population Census


Patrick Nandago, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Namibia

– Namibia’s Foundational Approach to Holistic Cradle-to-Grave Identity



Laila Abdul Majid, Principal Assistant Director, ICT Division, National Registration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia

– Integrating Civil Registration and Identity Management to Deliver eGovernment Services to All Citizens: Pertinent Lessons for Africa

Charles Mevaa, Vice President, Africa Government Programs, Gemalto
– Building Trust Through a State-of-the-art Document Verification System

Joby Mathew, Sales Director, Middle East, Africa & South Asia, HID Global
– Secure Mobile Identity: A Game Changer for Governments to Engage with Citizens 

James Runcie, Head of Product Management in Identity, De La Rue
– Birth Registration and eID: Setting the Foundation for Citizen-centric Services

Ronny Depoortere, Senior Vice President, Zetes PASS
– Challenges in Issuing Trustable Citizen IDs

Jean-Pierre Ting, Managing Director, Arjo Systems
– Securing National Identity Schemes by Avoiding Fake Breeder Documents

Michiel van der Veen, CEO, Genkey
– Identity for all: Realizing the Identity Vision within the African Context 

Fabien Rouaud, Program Manager and Managing Director, Morpho, Côte d’Ivoire, Morpho
– Mobile Biometric Solutions

Day 1



Workshop 1: Linking Foundational Identity Registers

Workshop 2: Securing Credentials & ID Issuance Systems

Workshop 3: Legal Frameworks and Governance of Identity Management Systems

Workshop 4: The Economies and Business Models of Identification Schemes

Workshop 5: Identity in Support of Democracy

Workshop 6: Social Protection & Financial Inclusion

Click a session on the left for presentations.

Wayne Fletcher, Marketing Manager, Entrust Datacard
– Securing the Nation with Trusted Identities and Secure Transactions

Holger Reinke, Director, Sales (Africa), OVD Kinegram
– Securing Interchangeable Functionality of the Physical Token and the Digital ID Verification Processes

Jaouen Nicolas, Business Development Manager, Government ID, Chip Card, & Security, Infineon Technologies

– How Modern Security Controllers Help Build Trust in ID Credentials and Systems

Sean Zheng, Vice General Manager, Emperor Technology

– A Security Chain for the ID Document Issuance and Management

Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director, Government eID Solutions, X INFOTECH

– Enhanced Security for the Issuance Platform of eID Documents and their Lifecycle Management

Benoît Berthe, Director, Product and Lasink Business Line, Oberthur Technologies
– Trusted Credentials for Leveraging Digital ID

Mia Harbitz, International Consultant and Expert, Formerly the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank
– Governance Considerations for Effective ID Management Systems


Josef Iroko, General Legal Counsel, Board Secretary, Ghana National Identification Authority, Ghana
– Ghana’s Legal Framework for an ID Regime: The multipurpose national ID card


Leontine Dorcasse Gbato, Director of Legal Affairs, The Telecommunications/Regulatory Body of Côte d’Ivoire (ARTCI), Côte d’Ivoire
– Data Protection and Privacy in Côte d’Ivoire: Expanding the ECOWAS Legal Framework

Alan Gelb, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development
– Why the Economics of Identity Matters 


Frank Leyman, Manager of International Relations, Federal Public Service for Information and Communication Technologies (FEDICT), Belgium
– The Belgian Digital Transformation: An Analysis of Business Models


André Debleza, Project Manager, CMU, Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie (CNAM), Côte d’Ivoire
– Digital Identity and the Universal Health Coverage of Côte d’Ivoire: the Business Case


Shailendra Kumar Sharma, General Manager, IndianOil Corporation, Ltd.
– India LPG experience: “PaHaL” Direct Benefit Transfer in LPG Sales based on Aadhar


Fatima Nana Mede, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Nigeria
– Nigeria’s Experience with Identity Systems for Civil Service Reform

Niall McCann, Lead Electoral Advisor, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
– UN Activity in Support of Identity Management – Why Support to One Register Should be Integrated with Support to All


William Davies, Executive Secretary, National Electoral Commission, Sierra Leone
– From Electoral Registers to Foundational National Identity Schemes: The Sierra Leone Experience


Dr Ahmat Ali Hissein, General Director, Permanent Office of Elections, National Independent Electoral Commission, Chad
– The Biometric Census of the Population: A Foundational Approach to Developing Permanent Voter Registers


Mohamoud Wais, Vice Chairman, Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC), Somaliland
– Pioneering New Ways to Build Reliable Voter Registers Quickly: Exploring Iris Recognition


Johan Rommelaere, Business Analyst, Zetes PASS
– 10 Years’ Experience in Africa: Retrospective, Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Ambitious Governments

Robert Palacios, Global Thematic Leader, The World Bank
– How Identification Systems Contribute to Better Social Protection

Dr Tahir Noor, Director General of Cash Transfers & NSER, Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Pakistan
– Leveraging Foundational Identity Registers in Support of Social Protection Initiatives

Winnie Mwasiaji, National Coordinator, Social Protection Secretariat, Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Services, Kenya
– Identification and Social Protection in Kenya

Crispus Ayebare, Social Protection Specialist, Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA), Rwanda
– The Vision for Rwanda’s Integrated Social Protection MIS and Role of the National ID

Yan Jinbo, Chief Director, Shenzhen Special ID Card Research & Production Center, China (PRC)
– Going Beyond “Hu Kou”: The Shenzhen Resident Permit Card for Social Protection of Floating Populations

Raj Gautam Mitra, Chief of Demographic and Social Statistics, United Nations Economic Commission For Africa (UNECA)
– Linking Civil Registers and National Identification Registers: The Why

Mia Harbitz, International Consultant and Expert, Formerly the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank
– The Importance of Birth Registration


Judy Obitre-Gama, Executive Director, National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), Uganda
– Uganda’s Foundational Identity Framework


Edward Duffus, Head of Birth Registration Innovation, Plan International
– CRVS digitization and its Linkage with National Identity


Tarvinder Sembhi, Senior Vice President Sales, Identity Market, WCC Smart Search and Match
– ICT Frameworks for Realising Holistic CRVS Solutions in Africa

Day 2
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