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Historical Writings

of Significance

In this section, you will find articles and writings of interest to historians, as they trace issues related to identity for development and on data privacy matters.



– Big Brother : les progrès de la reconnaissance faciale vont-ils nous jeter dans un monde où il n’y aura plus nulle part où se cacher ? [PDF download] - Yogaesoteric, 2018

– Harmonization of the Identity Ecosystems: A pragmatic view – By Dr. Joseph J. Atick, 2018

– You don’t own your own face: Ever-more-sophisticated technology will allow the likes of Facebook to locate you, and profit from it [PDF download] - New York Daily News, 2017

Mapping UN Activity in Support of Identity Management – By Dr. Joseph J. Atick, 2016

– Never Forgetting a Face [PDF download]– New York Times, 2014

– Digital Identity Toolkit for Africa - By Dr. Joseph J. Atick, 2014

– Face Recognition in the Era of the Cloud and Social Media: Is it Time to Hit the Panic Button? – IBIA, 2011

(In this article which was published online in 2011, our Executive Chairman, who at the time was the vice chairman of IBIA- the association he co-founded in 1998- warned against the consequences of unchecked face recognition technology. He predicted the emergence of privacy invading applications on a mass scale, like the ones we see today. At ID4Africa we continue to be vigilant and to work with the privacy protection authorities to ensure that Africa does not become a mass surveillance continent, while at the same time ensuring that legitimate and responsible applications of face recognition find their proper place in Africa for the benefit of development. Read this prophetic article as it was written ten years ago.) 

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