EP35:  FORGED, NIST, Face Recognition, Contactless Fingerprints, Consumer Identity Management & ID4D

EP35: FORGED, NIST, Face Recognition, Contactless Fingerprints, Consumer Identity Management & ID4D

Broadcast: 19 Oct 2022 Following a highly acclaimed LiveCast EP34 which aired on Sept 28, today's LiveCast EP35 was another MAJOR HIT filled with powerful and original topics, not covered anywhere else! 00:00 Introduction 10:16 To-The-Point: A gripping interview between Dr. Joseph Atick and Lauren Anders Brown, the Co-Director of the exceptional documentary "FORGED". Both supporters as well as those who oppose identity systems should watch the film in its 85-minutes entirety as it provides one of the most powerful testimonies for why identity for all matters. Without intending to, it bears a cautionary tale for all of us about taking identity for granted.   To watch the full FORGED full feature, visit & Support here: To support the work being done in Syria, donate to the Art Installation Campaign: 36:58 A content-rich Keynote on the state of the art of Face Recognition Technology (FRT) and its suitability for ID4D applications, from the most credible source—NIST. 1:21:20 A discussion on the readiness of contactless fingerprints (or finger-selfies) for ID4D applications with technical experts from Tech 5 and Integrated Biometrics. 2:00:03 A spotlight presentation from the expert leading the certification efforts on contactless fingerpints, again from NIST. 2:24:20 A look at the off-the-shelf digital identity platforms Microsoft has been building for identity management that could possibly support government service delivery. 2:52:17 A look at Mastercard's platform called Community Pass which aims to build a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy for all. Speakers/Panelists of this episode are: Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Executive Director, ID4Africa and LiveCast Host Lauren Anders Brown - Documentary Film Director & Co-Director of "FORGED" Patrick Grother, Head of Biometric Evaluation Division, NIST Rahul Parthe, Chairman, Co-Founder, and CTO, TECH5 Tom Buss, Executive Vice President, Integrated Biometrics Shahram Orandi, Computer Scientist, NIST Colleen Elliott, Digital ID Strategy Lead, Microsoft Andro Koutsoudis, VP, Global Product Management, Identity & Data Lead, Mastercard